"The practice of yoga has the power to take us out of our physical experiences by moving our awareness within. It is there that the real journey begins"

— Kelly Metcalf —

For Kelly, yoga is a practice intended to cultivate the process of recognizing one’s unique truth, and moving into a space of acceptance and love for who we truly are. Kelly’s inspiring attitude, open heart, strong knowledge of yoga, and her ability to make her students smile (even in the most of challenging poses) makes for an incredible experience that will lift your mood, open your heart, and encourage a more authentic connection with yourself and others.

As she draws from the depths of the Yoga Tradition, Kelly’s teachings reminds us that yoga isn’t just about the physical practice. She strives to direct her energies to bringing alive the ancient wisdom teachings by the subtle use of body and mind. The connection she creates between the body, mind, and soul allows her students to begin experiencing complete harmony within themselves and in life. When Kelly’s not traveling and teaching, she is spending time in the ocean, surfing, and connecting with her family and community in Pismo Beach, CA.

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