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Candy Landon Tribute


 Candy Landon

May 30, 1960 – March 20, 2015

Our dear Candy, at age 54, has transitioned into her next phase of life. She moved on during a breathtaking sunset on the first day of spring, surround by family members who love her very much.

Candy was an integral part of Harmony House since the inception of the studio and our community would not be what it is today if it weren’t for her. She dedicated endless hours to hold a safe space for our entire community and each person to feel connected and well taken care of. Every being who walked through the doors of Harmony House was openly given her love, care, and acceptance.

Giving graciously is a sentiment that Candy truthfully lived. She effortlessly helped so many individuals of all ages through her grace, utmost compassion and desire to help.  It was apparent that her gifts were a beautiful expression of warm feelings that came from her heart. She always had each person’s best interest in mind and knew how to approach everyone in their own comfort zone.  She met people without judgment and with the awareness that we are all on this path together, sharing life together. She was there for us for anything.

Being a part of Candy’s last week here in physical form, I was reminded that we all begin life in need of a lot of care and attention, and many of us, like Candy, will end life in the same way. So just as much as Candy gave in life, she also received the same back from so many people. I would like to acknowledge all of you who have been a part of Candy’s life, and just like she did, you all held her up in her highest version too. And it is this love and support that Candy received from all of you, that kept her smiling and kept this cycle of life, both giving and receiving, alive.

And this is the gift of Candy… a reminder that when we are in the position of the giver, we honor those we are helping when we remember the many people who helped us. Thank you Candy, for supporting all of us on our yogic journeys here at Harmony House. May the beautiful teachings of this wonderful woman live on forever.


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